Found Floral is Judy Leung, a floral designer based in San Francisco Bay area. With a love for modern ikebana and lush wildflower gardens, Found Floral inspires to blend both worlds into a whimsical and unique experience through the art of flowers. 

Found Floral was born through a love for nature and a connection for the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in Hong Kong,  and now living and working in the Bay Area in the design industry,  Judy's approach to floral design is constantly inspired by her profession in industrial and experience design, and her multi-cultural background . From fabrication of custom floral mechanics and structures, to working with local artisans and ceramists,  Judy strives to create unique design installations and creative details that are bespoke to your celebration.

Found Floral believes that the art of flowers is a spacial, visual and emotional experience that celebrates the people around them. Thank you for being part of Found Floral's journey and feel free to say 
hello or collaborate with me!

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